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Remembrance Day


Assembly has been moved to 10.45am - so we can hold our ceremony at 11.00.
Students should go to their classroom at 9.00am.

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What a splendid day!  The sun was shining, stalls were busy and lots of smiles around Maramba Primary School.

See more photos in the gallery.

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Music: Count Us In

Thursday 31st October

Maramba participates in this annual event with schools across Australia.  A wonderful whole school musical event. This year's song was "Keep On".
Special thanks to Aaron, Courtney, Mitchell, Kirra & Jamie (the Arts Captains) for a teriffic job planning and hosting the event.

More photos can be seen on the Performing Arts blog.  (go the class blogs menu on the right)


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Grade 6 Camp

The Grade 6 students had a wonderful four days at Phillip Island Adventure Resort.

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Pony Music Recording Studio

Thursday 19th September 2013
The Lead Singers and Trekkie band spent an exciting day the Pony Music Studios in Hallam.
They learnt about the workings of a recording studio and that recording songs is busy tiring work.

You can listen to their amazing recordings on the Performing Arts blog. (right menu>Class Blogs).



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Citizenship Assembly

On the 16th September, we had a Citizenship Assembly.  Every Friend Of Maramba (F.O.M.) and School Council member got a certificate for their loyal contribution to the school.  The Grade 2 students performed "Sesere Eeye", an Indigineous song of the Torres Strait Islanders and "We Are Australian" was performed by the Lead Singers with the school joining in the chorus.  It was a great morning.  [written by Gurkirt & Farrah - School Captains]


Below is the Grade 2 performance of Sesere Eeye.  The Lead Singers performance of "We Are Australian" can be seen on the Performing Arts blog.  (click Class Blogs on the right menu)



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10 September: Camps

Tomorrow, the Grade Four students leave for Sovereign Hill early in the morning and the Grade One students have their camp night.  Have a great time everyone!  We look forward to the photos.


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Congratulations to the 172 students in Grades 4-6 who recently performed in this year's musical, "The Worst Band in the Universe".  The three nights of fantastic performances highlighted the talents we have at Maramba.  

Be sure to check out the photos in Galleries and a collection of photos below.

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We hope you find our new website user-friendly, enjoy reading about recent events, keep up-to-date with the calendar, and have fun browsing through photos in the gallery.

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Billy Carts

The Grade Two students spent a few weeks building and painting their billy carts, with the assistance of students from Fountain Gate Secondary College.  They then had great afternoon of racing.



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