P.J. Day

On the 11/6/14 Maramba had a Pyjamas Day to raise money for the homeless people that are living out there every day and night. All of the students that wore pyjamas brought a gold coin donation and the school made $391. It was great to see so many students participating for a great cause.

Prep- Sam:   Sam thought it was fun wearing his pyjamas. He wore his skeleton pyjamas.

Grade 1- Ava:   She thought it was a good day because her pyjamas were comfy. She wore her cow onesie.

Grade 2- Brooke:   Brooke thought her pyjamas were comfy. She wore her Monster High onesie

Grade 3- Gemma:  She thought her pyjamas were warm. She wore her giraffe onesie.

Grade 4- Jessica:  Jessica wore her Stitch onesie. Her favourite part was playing soccer in it. Lots of Jessica’s class wore their pyjamas (onesies).

Grade 5- Elijah:   Elijah wore a Finn onesie. It felt really different wearing his onesie to school. He thought it was cool seeing what everyone else wore. Almost everyone in his class wore their pyjamas.

Grade 6- Marko:   He enjoyed coming to school and seeing what everyone else was wearing. He thought it was great to see that the majority of his class wore their pyjamas. Marko wore his red, winter pyjamas.