Casey Young Leaders' Reception

We were invited to a Casey Young Leaders afternoon.  This was designed to encourage students to do their best and be a better leader regardless of where you come from, race, culture or background.

It was inspiring to hear a few Year 12 students speak about their journey to become a leader.  We learnt, even if you don’t have enough money for a private school you can still get a good education, providing you try your best.  Also, that you don’t have to be a follower, be independent and do what you do best.  Jake Nicholls gave a musical performance, he was a good singer and guitarist.  At the end they provided an afternoon tea with lots of food which was delicious, especially the fresh pineapple and strawberries.

The special guest speaker was Marita Cheng (Young Australian of the Year 2012).  She founded Robogals which now has twenty-seven chapters and is in six countries.  She is currently working on a robotic arm to help less-abled people. She did lots of lessons when she was in primary school (Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese classes, piano lessons, soccer, basketball).  She had a passion for math and science, and realized that not many girls were in her engineering and science classes at university and so she decided to inspire more girls to become engineers.  She got a group of friends together and they went out to primary schools and did girls science/technology classes.  This later grew into a global project.

These speakers taught us to be our own person and to push yourself to your goal without giving up.  Marita said she cried a few times when she felt unsupported but she kept going and pushed through to achieve her goal.


School Captains

Trevor, Mackenzie & Liana