The Chaplaincy Service has been funded by the Federal Government and is free to students attending Maramba Primary School. The Chaplain provides pastoral care and counselling in individual or group sessions two days per week.


What is Pastoral Care?

The Chaplain journeys with students during their time of crisis, listening and providing compassionate support, helping students connect with their own inner resources.



The Chaplain conducts  pastoral sessions for students experiencing ongoing issues to support students to facilitate change in their life. Students have the opportunity to sort out their ideas, set realistic goals, develop strategies  and  implement possible solutions to help manage their problem.


Group Work

During group work students with similar issues support each other  as they  face life’s challenges together.

Programs offered include:

· Seasons for Growth (Grief and Loss)

· Revved Up (Anger Management Gd. 5-6)

· Angry Animal (Anger Management Gd. Prep  - 4)

· MPower Girls (Girls relationship issues)

· On the Move (Resilience and Drug education

· Parent Separation (Support Group)


Friendship Skills

Students can join the Chaplain to play games during snack  or lunchtime. They will learn about creating positive relationships  by negotiating agreements, compromises, take turns, speak positively to each other  and avoiding negative behavior and language. 


Who can use the Chaplaincy Service?

The Chaplaincy Service is available to students and staff of all religious affiliations and does not seek to impose or persuade an individual toward any particular religious beliefs.

The Chaplain respects the religion, cultural, and traditions of members of the school community and the right of parents to ensure the religious and moral education of their children in line with their own convictions.



Students can make an appointment to see the chaplain for pastoral care on Monday or Friday by leaving a note in the letterbox provided outside  the chaplains office .

Referrals from parents for counselling or group work for their child can be made by contacting the Chaplain  directly on Monday or Friday, or by speaking to the Principal or Assistant  Principal during school hours.

Before commencing counselling or group work  with your child one or both parents will need to attend an interview with the Chaplain. 

Referrals for the Friendship Skills Program can be made by contacting the classroom teacher.



Information shared with the Chaplain is confidential and will only be shared with the appropriate authorities in instances where someone is at risk of being in harm.


· The Chaplain at Maramba is a member of the Australian Counselling Association and a member of the PACFA (The Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia).

· The Chaplain at Maramba PS has a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) and is a member of the VIT (Victorian Teaching Institute).